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Better, Clearer Skin: Teen Skincare Tips

begin with simple, consistent daily care and better product choices

For teens desperate to say ‘adios’ to acne, as well as for teens who simply want to get serious about care of their skin, Beautydispatch's skincare consultants (licensed estheticians Heidi and Amber of Spa Phoenix in Virginia Beach) agree that teen skincare begins with intervention and education.

In working with young clients at Spa Phoenix in Virginia Beach, they apply a teen facial specially devised for younger clients with inflammation prone skin and resulting acne and blemishes.

For those who use makeup, these estheticians are advisors who help teens make sense of skincare product and makeup selection and application. The final step of their consultation is homework – basic tips for daily care - with lifelong benefits.

Teen Skincare 101: The Basics for Better Skin

  • Establish a daily regimen. Every teen, male and female, should have a basic, easy to follow three step skincare program for every day. Cleanse to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup. Exfoliate to prepare the dermis for skincare. Moisturize to restore hydration.
  • Use Sunscreen. Young people treat their teen years like some sort of UV Happy Hour where the usual warnings about sun damage, and the use of sun blocks and products containing SPF, no longer apply.  Sun damage in the teen years has lasting implications - use SPF now.  
  • Stop doing that. Mom is right. You shouldn’t touch your face so much.  
  • Consistency is the key to skincare. Every teen’s daily regimen should be unvarying in its tools:  clean water, a fresh wash cloth, and non-irritating cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer chosen for their skin condition and type.
  • Escape the acne/makeup downward spiral. Teens get blemishes. Teens cover blemishes with makeup. The wrong makeup irritates skin, causing more breakouts, which elevates makeup use. Our consultants' advice - “invest in mineral cosmetics.” True skincare makeup, mineral cosmetics boast pure, anti-comedogenic formulations that cover without irritating.
  • Look for… the magic words that signify “good for you” on skincare/ makeup labels:  non-comedogenic, hypo or anti-allergenic, and anti-irritant.
  • Avoid products that contain these ingredients:  lanolin, DNC red dye (found in blushers and bronzers), isopropyl myristate (paraffin – a major pore  clogger).
Begin skincare early. Serious commitment to skincare is not a 30th birthday afterthought. Good choices, and habits begun early, yield healthy skin through the years – with immediate benefits, too, like clearing up problem skin by the first day of school.

Seeking a licensed esthetician who can help you to get and maintain clearer, younger looking skin? Visit, the official site of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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