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hair care ingredients can be certified organic - but the products, not so much

Organic Hair Care: What Certified Organic Ingredients Do for Hair

hair products currently on the market aren't entirely organic - it's a slow move towards that goal - but many include certified organic ingredients, along with the preservatives and stabilizers - here is a glossary of some commonly found organics

Here's what these organics do for hair

A through L

Apple: acts as a humectant
Artichoke: conditions and nourishes the skin with vitamin and protein content
Avocado: helps strengthen, restore and protect hair from UV rays
Banana: vitamin packed, nourishes and deep conditions
Black Beans: natural proteins strengthen hair
Black Currant: high in vitamins C and E, carotenes
Burdock: helps stimulate and balance the PH of scalp
Carrot: hydrates and contains Vitamin A for shiny hair, improves scalp ecology
Chamomile: anti-inflammatory
Corn Silk: contains vital minerals for healthy hair
Cucumber: gentle cleansing agent
Dandelion: imparts shine, increases hair's strength and contains vitamin E
Echinacea: anti-microbial, soothing
Elderberry: powerful antioxidant and a refreshing, cleansing astringent
Eucalyptus: restorative tonic, adds strength
Goldenseal: seals in moisture and adds shine

Grapefruit: stimulates and renews, also, a powerful anti-oxidant
Grapeseed: provides sheen, enhances highlights and has natural preservative properties
Honey: one of nature's most powerful humectants
Hops: provides hold, combats fly-away hair
Horsetail: sheen enhancer
Hyssop: strengthens hair at the root
Kelp: rich in minerals, this protective agent helps retain moisture Lemongrass: a volumizing agent for hair, and an astringent for skin
Licorice: conditioning agent and emollient, excellent as a naturally occurring fixative

Seeking more information about organic hair and skin care? Visit the organic trade association online.

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