hair & nails

after weight loss, plastic surgery removes excess skin and restores body shape

Hair & Nails

hair - short, long, wavy, foiled, colored, glazed, permed, chopped, extended, transplanted, razored.

nails - clipped, filed, shaped, painted, decaled, gelled, filled, french manicured, fake and real.

whew, we've got a lot to talk about.

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Hair and color services and nails are a huge part of self-presentation for men and women.

So many choices. So many options to proclaim personal style, age, status, health and taste. So many dollars to spend on beauty products.

And increasingly, so many health and safety and philosophical concerns to address, as we seek out products that aren't animal tested, that are safe, that don't contain known carcinogens, that don't aggravate allergies, that appeal to our desire to incorporate organics into our personal care...

Whether you're a salon aficionado or a devout do it yourselfer, we'll help you to make sense of what' s happening in hair and nail care today.

Product safety, color trends, service issues and more are fair game for our hair and nails game.

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