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Why Salons Want You to Use At Home Hair Color

what are the odds that Sara Jessica Parker (beautiful hair!) uses at home hair color? what about all of the models and actresses with "out of this world" hair color who endorse home hair color products on tv? the chances are slim.

salon pros know what you can expect from home hair color. it isn't pretty.

Professional colorists want you to use at home hair color.

Even in a salon where colors are used, blended and professionally applied to client hair every day, hair color isn't "nice and easy."

Here are some of the results salon pros know you'll discover for yourself.

  • If you're going blonde, you'll end up orange, or neon yellow. 

  • If you’re using brunette dyes, chances are the home hair color results will be really dark on the ends and really light at the root area.

  • If you're going red, you'll be introduced to what salon professionals call hot roots - if you've had them, you know what that means!
  • If you want highlights, you'll end up with spots on your scalp, and they’ll probably be bright yellow.

  • The top reason salons want you to use home hair color - the millions of dollars they make from color correction of home treatments.

Destini, a stylist and colorist at the salon at Spa Phoenix in Virginia Beach, VA, sums it up.

“Fixing a bad home hair color job is complicated and more expensive than a basic salon color service. I’ve told clients, “If you had just come to a salon professional colorist in the first place, you would have saved money and time.”

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