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Muscle Head: Men Need More Botox Than Women to Get the Same Results

According to the American society of Plastic Surgeons (asps), botox cosmetic use by men is skyrocketing. If new research is correct - that men need more Botox than women for similar results - men can expect to pay more than female counterparts, since Botox is sold by the number of units used.

A recent article in the journal Dermatologic Therapy states that Botox is equally effective in easing the expression wrinkles and lines (those caused by dynamic muscular facial movement) for men and for women.

The catch is, new research shows that most men need more Botox to get the same results as women.

This is because men have greater muscle mass than women - even of the scalp and face.

This may explain why some men get Botox injections and report so-so results or that it's not long lasting enough. Blame for these inadequate results in male patients can be given to under-dosing.

According to the clinical research quoted in the study, most men require more units of Botox in order to see the same results as women.

The exception is smaller, fine-boned men, and the reason is that men have a heavier musculature beneath the skin.

Since Botox is priced by the number of units used, and not by a "per area" or procedure basis, the cost can be as much as 25% more for men than for women. At present, Botox is advertised by medspas, dermatologists and others for $10-17 per unit.

Botox is most commonly used to relax crow's feet, creases above the brow, frown lines and banding of the neck, the "expression lines" caused by underlying muscular dynamics.


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