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According to the Freedonia Group, an international business research group that produces industry analyses, US cosmetic and toiletry industry is a $5.9 billion dollar per year industry.

...The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics publishes product safety reviews of 1000s of beauty products on the Skin Deep website. ...

That includes the products consumers reach for on drugstore shelves and in cosmetics boutiques and departments, as well as the small businesses and multi-national corporations that support and produce those cosmetics and toiletries.

Freedonia predicts that US cosmetic and toiletry chemical demand will grow 5.4 percent annually through 2010.

Sales are driven by an aging and increasingly ethnically diverse population. Consumer desires to offset the effects of aging, and preferences for "natural" and "green" products also push demand.

Active and plant-derived ingredients will benefit the most from these factors.

Taken a step further, consumers may also begin to question the safety of ingredients they smooth, brush or pat on their bodies.

want to know more about the safety of the cosmetics and skin care products you use? Visit skin deep:cosmetic safety database , the product review site (14,000 products) of the Campaign for safe cosmetics and the environmental working group.

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