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Botox: Wrinkle Free America

facelift procedures are down considerably for both men and women from 2000 to 2007 - Botox and dermal fillers are two of the main reasons why

In 2002, the FDA first approved use of botulinum toxin A, or Botox Cosmetic, for the treatment of frown lines between the brows.

Persuasive pharma marketing, news and lifestyle reportage, and word of mouth has resulted in an explosion in its use for easing women's and men's facial wrinkles.

In addition to the vertical between brows crease, Botox is most commonly used to relax crow's feet, creases above the brow, frown lines and banding of the neck.

Botox is not effective in treating skin that's sagging or wrinkled due to sun or other environmental damage. Botox improves the appearance only of wrinkles and creases - "expression lines" - caused by underlying muscular dynamics.

Botox's ability to "paralyze" nerves has been used in increasing ways to erase years from our faces, with mostly good results. Known safety issues are almost entirely to do with the use of bogus Botox.

Botox injector techniques
• To make the eyes look larger.
• To lift the corners of a downturned mouth.
• To lift the corners of the eyes.
• To enhance and extend dermal fillers wrinkle-removing effects by relaxing the muscles in the surrounding area, causing a slower absorption and dissipation of the filler.

Injectors are finding new applications, but their success depends upon technique.

Botox questions for your doctor
That could be a key question to ask of your doctor - "Do you have experience in treating this area with this particular result?" Ask for before and after photos of other patients for whom that particular application was done. Finally, ask your health professional for her opinion of how good a candidate you are - variables in your skin elasticity and facial musculature affect results that are possible.

How much does Botox cost?

According to several plastic surgery sites, including that of Botox's maker, costs for each specific facial area treated (brow furrow, crow's feet left, crow's feet right) are $400 to $600. Keep in mind, there should be no additional costs, like anesthesia.

Some medical practices tempt first time users of Botox with special offers. A new client discount may bring costs down to $250 per area.


want to know more about the safety of injectables including Botox? Visit, an information site presented by the physicians coalition for injectable safety.

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