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after weight loss, plastic surgery removes excess skin and restores body shape

What You Should Know About Plastic Surgery Financing

the average cosmetic procedure cost can often exceed $5000... here are a few things you should know about your financing options, particularly those lenders who specialize in financing cosmetic surgeries, cosmetic treatments and cosmetic dentistry

Paying outright for your cosmetic procedure is simple - you present a check or use your existing credit card to pay the fee. Financing adds a few wrinkles to the experience.

Here's what you should know that can save you time and money when you choose to finance a plastic surgery or non-surgical solution, for example, Botox. The basics are easy to follow, they're just common sense:

1. Find the surgeon.
2. Get a quote for the procedure you want.
3. Find out which financing your surgeon accepts.
4. Find your lender.
5. Apply for financing.
6. Reserve your procedure date.

Finding the surgeon you want to work with comes first. Your choice shouldn't be determined by price. You want the best physician with the best aesthetic judgment.

With their consultation, define what you'll have done, and get a quote for its direct costs.

Find out which financing option your surgeon accepts. According to Marlene, a veteran plastic surgeon's patient coordinator, finance company advisors will mislead applicants to believe that their company's financing is universally accepted. That's almost always a lie. Follow the steps above in the order they're given.

Direct costs are what the surgeon charges you, whether it's presented as one fee or broken down into procedure, operating room and anesthesia charges. Any visits to your own doctor that may be required, prescriptions, travel, unpaid leave from work and other costs are not included.

Once you're certain that you want to reserve a surgery date, it's time to seek financing. You can do this even if you're not sure when exactly you'll have your surgery done.

Your first financing choice may be your bank or credit union. There, you may find the interest rate and application process that best suit your needs.

If you don't want to use your current lender, there are many companies that specialize in healthcare financing, among them, Care Credit and Capital One Healthcare Finance. Here's how to work with them.

  • Confirm your provider's participation. Before you commit to a healthcare finance company's loan, you must confirm that your surgeon's practice accepts their payment. Most practices accept payment from one, perhaps two healthcare finance companies. Don't ask the lender - ask the client coordinator at your provider.

  • Apply online. Some major healthcare lenders let you apply online. If you don't have Internet access, your surgeon's client coordinator should have forms. Online application is quicker and more confidential.

  • Approval code is key. Once approved by a lender, you should receive an approval code and you can use your credit immediately. Or, you can wait to receive your card, usually mailed within 2-3 weeks.

  • Look for medical society endorsements. Most major healthcare lenders have the endorsement of industry groups, such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Dental Association..

  • 0% financing is terrific - but pay on time, and don't exceed your credit line. If you partake of 0% financing for, say, three months, get clear about the three months, pay on time and in advance of the deadline. If you haven't paid down the full loan by the end date of the promotion, your interest on the original total, calculated from the date of your loan approval, may soar to 22.98%, or even higher.

Most people who have a plastic surgery feel they have received excellent value for the money. They see the results of their cosmetic procedure in the mirror. They feel a lasting, improved sense of self, and possess greater confidence and a general feeling of wellbeing.

To restate a piece of popular credit card ad copy, those benefits are priceless.


Seeking a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help with your procedure? Visit, the official site of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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