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Breasts Augmentation Costs: Saline and Silicone Implant Procedures

it's hard to find honest, straightforward information about what breast implants cost. isn't it strange that women interested in this popular cosmetic procedure can't find price information easily and without visiting a doctor's office? the golden rule is, silicone implants cost more than saline - all other costs are variable (although not often negotiable)

Breast Augmentation Costs

In the United States, the total cost of breast enlargement or augmentation procedures ranges from $4000 to $8000 for saline implants, and $6000 to $10,000 for silicone implants.

Our research shows most price differences are tied to the regional economy. Breast implant prices reflect cost of living and cost of operations (rent, salaries, supplies and services), depending on the metropolitan area where you will have the surgery done.

If you're shopping in, say, Houston, Texas, and you find a surgeon whose breast implants cost substantially more than others in that area, it could be because the more expensive surgeon is in demand and is able to command a higher price due to skill and reputation.

Or it could be because your surgeon's clinic is on Rodeo Dr. - see the chart below.

While a too high price may eliminate a surgeon from consideration, it shouldn't be the deciding factor that determines who does your breast implants surgery.

The most important questions - Do you trust her or him? Are they clear and up front about matters of care, as well as costs, financing options and recovery time?

other than you is paying for
the implants, don't be bullied into the lowest cost provider - it's still a surgery....

Understanding how breast implants are priced
Not convinced that you've been quoted a fair price by your surgeon of choice?

Here's what you pay for with breast implants First, the implants themselves. Second, procedural costs, which include the surgeon's fee, operating room fee, and anesthesia services. In addition, in New Jersey, you'll pay a 6% procedural tax ($300 per $5,000).

Depending on your personal health history, there may be some additional out of pocket costs for lab work or a visit to your own physician to get your medical clearance.

The easiest fee to understand is all inclusive: "Breast implants from Dr. ____ will cost $4800." Be warned, most plastic surgery practices quote an itemized figure.

Make sure that all costs that will be included in your final bill are included in your quote. If the surgeon can't provide a quote for something they claim not to be able to know in advance, ask for their best guess.

You're buying a breast surgery, not a refrigerator
Today, most patients think of breast augmentation as a commodity.

But there's a big difference between buying a major appliance and buying a surgery - even when the surgery is just the means of obtaining the final product - more beautiful and shapely breasts.

If your buying style usually includes negotiation, bartering, and searching for discounts, remind yourself that this is a surgery. Be prepared to have phsycians stand firm on cost.

Trust and confidence in your physician and their staff, as well as in the surgical facility where the procedure will be performed, is priceless.

If someone other than you is paying for the implants, don't let them bully you into going with the lowest cost provider. It's still a surgery.

Breast Augmentation Procedures Cost Comparisons

  Saline Implants Silicone Implants
United States Avg. Surgeon's Fee
(, 2006)
$3600 $4000
Cost of the actual implants
(USAToday, 2006)
$450 - Allergan
$550-625 - Mentor
$900 - Allergan
$800-950 - Mentor
Sample All-inclusive Procedure Total Costs
(source, individual practice Internet sites & consumer self-reporting)
Beverly Hills, CA $7300 $9300
Los Angeles, CA $5300 $7300
San Diego, CA $5550 $6290
Fairfield Co., CT na $7500
Washington, DC (MD/VA) $5600 $7500
Wilmington, DE $5400 $6600
Ft. Myers, FL na $6650
Tampa, FL $6150 $7050
Louisville, KY $5132 $6132
Annapolis, MD $5600 $7500
Lincoln, NE $4200 $5250
Raleigh, NC $5000 $6650
Princeton, NJ $6050 (includes NJ procedural tax) na
Albuquerque, NM $5000 na
New York, NY $6000 $8150
Long Island , NY na $7050
Henderson, NV $5200 na
Las Vegas , NV $4800 (cash discount) na
Cincinnati, OH $5850 $6750
Bryn Mawr , PA $6200 $7400
Philadelphia, PA $6400 $7600
Austin, TX $6200 $8000
Frisco , TX $6100 $7000
Ogden, UT $4200 $5100
Norfolk, VA $4800 $6300
Roanoke, VA $5050 na
Bellevue, WA $7000 $8150
Spokane, WA na $7050
* silicone implants only, travel and accommodations not included
Toronto, Ontario, Canada $6500 $8000

Breast Augmentation Cost Variables

The only true fixed cost in a breast augmentation procedure is the cost of the implant itself. Other aspects of the surgery can vary in cost.

Add-on costs include travel and accommodations related to the consultation, pre-operative visit and surgery and recovery.

As you plan for your surgery, consider the cost of prescriptions for pain management, pre-operative medical testing, lab fees or doctor visits. that may be required if your cosmetic plastic surgeon requires a medical clearance due to your medical history.


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