mastopexy plus breast implants is a common presciption for women age 40 and over

When Breast Implants Aren't Enough: Augmentation Plus Breast Lift

the average age of women seeking breast implants is increasing. So are the numbers of women who are surprised and disappointed when their plastic surgeon recommends a breast lift (mastopexy) in addition to the breast implants they're wanting.

what's it all about? we talk about women's objections to the combination procedure, why breast surgeons prescribe it, and why many women ultimately embrace it

Why are Women Surprised?

Women aged 35 and older who want breast implants (or a breast lift) often react with disappointment to their breast surgeon's prescription recommending both procedures.

Since women 35+ are the fastest growing age group to seek breast implants, there's a need for information to help women understand why breast implants plus mastopexy (breast lift) is becoming a common prescription.

Marlene, a Patient Coordinator for a board certified breast surgeon in Virginia Beach, Virginia, confirms that many patients are taken aback at the prescription - "Most women believe breast implants are a cure all for any breast issue."

In her experience, women who are given the recommendation for implants plus lift are wary for three reasons.

First, the recommendation of a mastopexy plus implants is a "too real" confirmation of aging. That it is.

National data (collected by ASPS, the national association of board certified plastic surgeons ) shows women are seeking breast implants at later ages. The average forty year old's breasts have been affected by childrearing and breast feeding, in addition to time and gravity.

Implants alone won't correct droop or poor position. They'll simply increase the size of the breast, without adjusting its profile. A lift can restore position, and correct unevenness, but it can't restore volume. Neither procedure on its own is the solution.

Breast augmentation plus
breast lift
solves two problems -
lost volume
and poor
position ....

Second, combination surgery raises the issue of additional (and more visible) scars than those from an implant or lift alone.

Implant scars are small and often can be hidden.

Mastopexy scars take the classic lollipop shape (around the nipple and down the front of the breast). Some surgeons add an incision beneath the breast, in the fold, to form an anchor shape.

Women should take extra care to see a board certified plastic surgeon whose training and experience help him or her to minimize scars.

The Cost of Implants Plus Lift
The third and final consideration regards additional cost. The breast implants are a single, separate procedure, and the breast lift is also a single, separate procedure, so you are purchasing two procedures, requiring extra operating room time, supplies, anesthesia and staff hours. In most areas in the US, a combination procedure adds $1000-$2000 to the cost of an implant procedure.

You are paying for two procedures, but in plastic surgery, there are often savings as a result.

A clear but approximate estimate for the breast implants plus breast lift combination procedure would be to take the cost of breast implants in your region, adding $1000 to $2000 for the additional breast lift. Get at least two cost quotes from qualified surgeons in your area.

Getting the Results She Wants From Her Breast Procedures
Women's breasts lose volume and begin to sag as a result of several factors - age, weight loss and breast feeding. A properly fitted bra can only do so much to correct this.

Breast augmentation with saline or silicone implants enhances breast size and corrects lack of breast fullness. Breast implants can even improve breast profile, or projection.

But breast implants alone can't solve women's other breast issues. A breast lift, or mastopexy, addresses breasts that hang unevenly, drooping and sagging breasts, and poor position of nipples.

Breast augmentation plus breast lift succeeds because it solves two problems, restoring breast volume and giving improved breast profile and position. In addition, the breasts can be adjusted so they are fairly even, and nipples can be restored to their correct position.

For many women, the combination breast procedure is the only way they will get the satisfactory end result that they desire from their breast surgery.


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