is mesotherapy a safe and effective cellulite remedy? surveys what's out there about this non-surgical fat treatment

What is Mesotherapy Exactly?

mesotherapy is an aesthetic, non-surgical procedure for weight loss or bodyshaping. summarizes what it is, how it works, and what physicians and the Fda have to say about it.

Hope floats, and in the case of mesotherapy, a cellulite and fat treatment that originated in France more than 50 years ago, it sticks.

In mesotherapy, syringes filled with a custom blend of pharmaceuticals, enzymes, botanical extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients are injected into the mesoderm, the middle layer under the skin.

Your mesotherapist may be an ER Doctor, an Opthalmologist or a GP cashing in on the craze....

Proponents claim that fat cells are attacked by the custom blend and die. Dead fat cells are then excreted with other body waste products. Et voila! Cellulite and fat are gone. Critics say that the claims for mesotherapy and its new version, lipo-dissolve, are bogus.

Interest in the non-surgical treatment of fat deposits and cellulite has sky-rocketed in recent years, and mesotherapy has gotten lots of attention.

Growing numbers of US physicians and medispas are offering it to their clients who want to "spot reduce" body fat and eliminate cellulite. Not all are plastic surgeons or dermatologists.

There've been no significant studies to evaluate whether mesotherapy works or is expensive voodoo.

A survey of online sources yields results that aren't surprising. Physicians who provide mesotherapy claim that it gets results. Those that don't claim not to know enough to judge its safety or whether it works.

The Food and Drug Administration has this to say: "In fact, there are no FDA approved drugs with an approved indication to dissolve fat and FDA cannot assure the safety and efficacy of these types of drugs."

"Consumers need to know this is a buyer-beware situation."

    mesotherapy notes:

  • mesotherapy is delivered by multiple injections to areas with excess fat deposits (thighs, neck, hips, love handles)

  • mesotherapy advocates use a jargon with comments like this one: "it never killed anyone." a back-handed reference to liposuction, whose known complications have lead to infrequent deaths.

  • the pharmaceuticals in the injector's syringe are usually FDA approved - what critics don't like is that these medications (one, for asthma treatments) are being used off-label, for purposes they weren't originally tested or approved for

If you're bent on seeing for yourself Mesotherapists can be board-certified - but mesotherapy certification isn't recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

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