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Cosmetic plastic surgeons report a drop in surgical facial procedures while procedures to shape and enhance the body are surging - what gives?

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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, comprised of board certified plastic surgeons across the US, announced in their most recent survey of cosmetic procedures performed in 2006 that surgical facial procedures were down significantly while body shaping procedures - tummy tucks for women, thigh and butt lifts for both men and women, and breast enhancements - were surging.

The statistics seem to show that health and vitality is defined today by the shape of one's body, at least as much as the shape one's face is in.

We'll help you to make sense of what' s happening in body enhancements through cosmetic procedures and through advances in massage, acupuncture and accupressure and other holistic procedures. Also, we'll address the services provided by estheticians, including body waxing and sugaring, facials adapted for the body, body polishing and more.

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