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Beauty Blogs: Independent Editorial, Reviews and Point of View from the new Influencers

Diana vreeland's dead - no one person or fashion journal dictates what you wear or use. that doesn't mean you can't listen to individual points of view, as long as they're as smart as those represented in these fashion blogs and sites.

visit them for a fresh, precise take on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. they turn you on to discoveries you wouldn't have made otherwise.

Here are a few blogs and fashion sites with something original to say.

Editor Kelly Quan McIntyre helms ZooZoom Fashion Magazine,on the web at, "the original online glossy."

The site's all in Flash. The look and the text is, well, glossy. Edge with discrimination, backed by comprehensive fashion knowledge.

Check out the zoo daily for hot 'best of the now' picks. Recent posts: fashion editorial inspired by Maggie Gyllenhall's Secretary. photographs by photog-rockumentarian Baron Wolman, spot on runway mini-reviews (we lost count at 66) of designers (indie and not so) with precise visions presenting at New York Fashion Week

dailycandy has city editions to direct you to fashion, beauty and stuff in your town founding editor Dany Levy's site is thedescribes itself as a the insider’s guide to what’s hot, new, and undiscovered — from fashion and style to gadgets and travel.

Although dailycandy likens its free daily emails to its 90,000 subscribers to missives from a clever, cool and connected friend, no one has a friend this cool or connected.

Great editorial gives an unparalleled view into the marketplace. The vision is sweeping, and all the pieces fit.

Sujean Rim's illustrations sweeten every email and site page, enhancing dailycandy's smart take on what's out there that's worth having, wearing, visiting, eating or applying to one's body.

no good for me - fashion and style from a rock chick's point of view

When we were in college, there were independent girls, serious about music, who knew obscure bands, played an instrument, danced down front at concerts, dj'd for the college radio. is square at the intersection of style, music and fashion, as interpreted by music-manic indie chicks - a few years out of college, bolder, wiser, and still searching/listening/looking for independent voices.

partly because we're contrary that way and partly because they really do bore us...

A collaboration by authors Kat, Liz, Jane and Laura, the site's take on fashion is best expressed by this: "most Fashion Weeks kind of don't intrigue us, partly because we're contrary that way and partly because they really do bore us."

Authenticists - not whiners - their writing delivers because they show and tell everything that doesn't bore.

Recently added to the site: an interview with Heather Rose of online boutique (...shoplifters of the world!), illustrations by 'zineist Anke Weckmann, looks from the London streets and Alexander McQueen's recent collection inspired by the late, great stylist Isabella Blow.

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